Sthapatya Concrete Solutions LLP (formerly working as Sthapatya Consulting Engineers) was established in the year 1999 in the field of PMC Consultants Mumbai. Since inception of this business; the firm has executed and also completed several projects as per its objectives.

The company is headed by Er. Anand Rajwade having a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, and has total Twenty Two years of experience in the industry. He has been in the repair field for last 16 years.

PMC Consultants Mumbai

The company started its business as Contractors in the field of repairs and rehabilitation of R.C.C. structures. Over the years the company started providing consultancy services along with contracting.

From year 2007, we have been providing only Project management Consultancy services for Repair and also Maintenance of R.C.C. structures.

Building Repair PMC Consultants Mumbai

Recently we have started providing Project Management consultancy service in the field of New Construction and also Redevelopment of existing buildings.

The firm has Er. Jayakumar J. Shah, Er. Unmesh Paranjpe, and Er. Samir Shirali and also Ar. Mugdha Patki as associates.

Er. Jayakumar J. Shah has overall experience of more than 50 years in the industry. He is an expert in the field of durability. His two books on repair and also durability have been widely accepted by the construction industry.

Er. Unmesh Paranjpe holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. He is registered with M.C.G.M. as structural Engineer.

Ar. Mugdha Patki has degree in Architecture. Has more than 20 years of experience in planning and designing of residential, commercial and institutional buildings.

Er. Samir Shirali holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and has total 22 years’ experience. He has been associated with the repair industry since 1999. He has acquired additional skills in planning and execution of interior design works.

The annexure gives the services offered by the company along with list of recent projects.xvideo