Project Management Consultants Redevelopment

Sthapatya Concrete Solutions LLP works as Project Management Consultants in Mumbai in the field of Redevelopment of old buildings. The services provided include the following jobs;

  • Feasibility Study
  • Preparation of Tender Document
  • Assisting Client in Selection of Developer
  • Monitoring Quality of work during execution
  • Checking Amenities and Area Provided


Building Project Management Consultants Mumbai

Broadly the building repair project can be divided in three phases.

  1. Pre Execution
    • Feasibility and also Commercial Viability study for finding maximum benefits for the society.
    • Preparation of Tender Documents
    • Assistance in Selection of Developer
    • Assistance in finalizing new building plans.
  2. Execution
    • Supervision of day to day activities
    • Quality check on material and also workmanship
    • Checking the specifications & also amenities.
    • Holding periodic meetings with Societies Managing Committee to review progress.
  3. Post Execution
    • Checking various approvals received from concerned authorities
    • Calculation of Actual Carpet Area of finished flat.
    • Final Inspection before handing over by Developer


Building Redevlopment PMC Mumbai

Feasibility study is the first and also very important step of the redevelopment process. This is the analysis which tells you your potential. All the relevant documents such as Conveyance Deed, Property Card, Approved plans are studied to understand the existing area. As per the prevailing rules the FSI/TDR availability is calculated.

Based on all above the Feasibility Report is prepared consisting of area calculations of consumed/balance FSI. Additional FSI permissible, Benefits to be availed from developer viz; additional area, corpus fund etc.

After getting approval for the feasibility report from the society, tender document consisting of conditions of contract, amenities to be provided, specifications for material and also workmanship legal terms, is prepared.

Bids are invited on behalf of the society. A techno commercial comparative statement of the bids received is prepared to assist the society in selecting the right developer at We also assist the society to complete the documentation such as issuing letter of intent, development agreement etc.

During execution we supervise the work for quality and amenities. Joint meeting are held to monitor the progress of work. A final inspection is done before taking possession from the developer to measure the carpet area and checking other amenities. All the approvals received from various authorities such as Fire NOC, Traffic NOC, & also Occupation Certificate, Water Connection are checked.