Repair PMC

Sthapatya Concrete Solutions LLP works as Building Repair PMC (Project Management Consultants) in Mumbai Thane Vashi in the field of Building Repairs and also Redevelopment. The services provided include the following jobs:

  • Visual Inspection Survey to
  • Preparation of Tender Document with Specifications.
  • Inviting Tenders on behalf of Society.
  • Assisting client to select the Contractor.
  • Monitoring the quality of work during execution.
  • Checking measurements of work and certifying bills.
  • Issuing Fitness Certificate.


Repair PMC Consultant Mumbai

Broadly the building repair pmc project can be divided in three phases.

  • Pre Execution
    1. Inspection of the building and also preparation of Estimate for required work.
    2. Preparation of Tender Documents
    3. Assistance in Selection of Contractor
    4. Assistance in Documentation: Work Order, Agreement etc.
  • Execution
    1. Supervision of day to day activities
    2. Quality check on material and workmanship
    3. Checking the measurements & Certification of Bills
    4. Holding periodic meetings with Societies Managing Committee to review progress.
  • Post Execution
    1. Getting warranty certificate for various works done
    2. Service during Defect Liability Period


The visual inspection survey is the first step which highlights the problems in the building such as structural distress, building leakages, internal, external and plumbing lines, waterproofing, painting etc. an estimate is also given to attend to the problems.

After the survey Tender Document consisting Bill of Quantities, Methodology and also Specifications is prepared. Bids are invited on behalf of the society. A techno commercial comparative statement of the bids received is prepared to assist the society in selecting the right contractor. We also assist the society to complete the documentation such as issuing work order and also contractual agreement.

During execution we supervise the work for quality and also check measurements. The bills raised by the contractor for the work done are checked based on measurements and material records and a payment certificate is issued helping the society to make payments to contractor. Finally after completion of the work in all respects a Fitness Certificate is issued to be submitted to the BMC.